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Aerated Water Manufacturers
The Wheatbelt Region
(Northam, York, Beverley)

Wheatbelt (York, Northam, Brookton)

Bedford Hotel. Brookton 

This is the only large one we know of. 

There is believed to be a small version in existence

Dont know any history of the Bedford hotel but iit is still running today.

C S Rhodes Meckering. Very rare codds from the Wheatbelt.the Large in this photo has a new top

J Mosley. York Swallow brand These variations with the star on them turn up more often Nice pictorials

Midland Cordial Works Moora Mint examples of a rare bottle.  

Frank Craig York Bottles from this old town dont come up for sale very often

Castle Hotel. York These are the two bottles with the hotel name on them . Ultra rare , this is the best we can show you after 37 years searching. 

T C Evans leased the hotel for a time. The Castle Hotel still operates in York

J Mosley York Variations on the swallow theme

This Bottling Machine is from the Midland Cordial Works (see left for bottle) All the plumbing on it was made with lead. In 1916 the penny hadnt dropped about the dangers of this metal.

Frank Craig Soda York blue top hybrid. Frank Craig owned the Castle hotel for many years which still operates today. This is a rare and very desirable bottle.


Above - The Castle Hotel - York

J Mosley. York Mosley has a few Swallow brand variations with this one having a reverse R in York This bottle was made in Perth with Don trade mark

J E Darby Wagin Rare codd in small size only Still has rust on it so needs to go in the acid to be cleaned