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Aerated Water Manufacturers
The Murchison Goldfields Region
(Day Dawn, Cue, Nannine, Kalgoorlie)

Goldfields (Cue, Day Dawn, Nannine)

Bottles from Leonara. Two on the left are very rare

J W Peryman. Mt Magnet W A bottle - hard to find. Was thought that this was spelt incorrectly however we have been contacted for the family who have confirmed that this is in fact the correct spelling. Very successful prospector at Nannine, Cue, Mt Magnet. Settled in Mt Magnet and invested in many mines. Built the first brewery and aerated water factory in Watson St  on the eastern side of the creek. his son, Jack found a 100oz nugget which held the record for some time. 

Pioneer Aerated Water. Coolgardie. Nice mining pictorial. A couple small variations available

Kirby & Townsend. Menzies

A Scott, Menzies 3 minor variations - different makers

Lock & Meagher. Menzies & Davyhurst. Ginger Beer

Above - Kookynie Townsite

Bennett Nannine There is only 2 of these known?  Both dug in the creek next to rubbish tip at Nannine by the Boyd bros

Acme Co Coolgardie. Ginger beer Left one common. Right harder to get Co managed by Henry Gratte of Sydney & Northam

Left. W Hynes. Cue Lamont. Right. W Hynes Perth. Ginger beer History tells us he never operated in Perth so either its a mistake by the potter or he intended to move In 1900 sold his plant to Seebeck who moved it to Perth

Above J C Andrews & Son's (Tom) factory in Nannine

E M ( East Murchison ) Cordial Factory Goodridge. Lawlers. A long way from Geraldton in early days as was serviced from there Dont know anything about Goodridge but very rare bottles.

The Westralian. I J K Cohn. (Coolgardie). Lot small variations this brand

B R B C. Black Range Is the name for the area around Sandstone. Gold was known in the area from 1895 but nothing happened until after 1902 A small town - Nungarra sprang up. Sandstone was name of a large mine 6 miles north. Decision was made to shift town closer to the mine & name it Sandstone. Black Range Bottling Co shifted their factory as part of the move

Winter Brandt & Co. Magnet. Hard to find. This co had a fishing fleet & a cold store in Geraldton , Cold store & aerated water factory in Mt Magnet Geraldton folk complained that all the quality fish was going to the goldfields . Being Germans they were not the flavour of the week ; M M cold store was burnt down in 1918 Geraldton cold store burnt to the ground around 1940 & so finished Winter Brandt & Co

W J Harvey. Kookynie. The only bottles with Kookynie written on them

W J Harvey. ( R V ). W A Manganese is sometimes used in the glass mix to clear it Over time in the sun the bottle will turn purple - amethyst Bottles from Kookynie

J McManaway. Oroya Palace Hotel. Sandstone Small repaired. Very rare. J M built the last hotel 1904 at Nungarra ( club ) & the first in Sandstone 1907 (Oroya Palace ) Les Lawrence found a piece of one at Sandstone. Les & Lorna returned to Sandstone determined to stay until they found one The large one here is the result & probably the best one known.

J C Andrews & Sons Korumburra & Nanine W A Based in Victoria a son Tom established a factory at Nannine in the goldfields. (see left photo)The Firm had a batch of bottles produced but they never made it to WA. None have ever been dug here This bottle was purchased from the eastern states (pile of broken ones) This bottle is damages but we believe there is one good one.

Pioneer Aerated Water demi 12-15 known This guy spent all its life in Coolgardie painted in mission brown When the owner moved threw the demi in the trailer & on arrival in new town found some brown paint had scraped off to expose some writing and the rest is history


Caledonian Aerated Water Co Coolgardie 

Long and Seebeck. White Feather. Kanowna was originally named White Feather This bottle is the old Niarara patent with shallow embossing and difficult to photograph

Nungarra Township cica 1906. Photo taken from behind the hospital.


Above Left. W Hynes. Cue Lamont. & Above Right. W Hynes Perth. Ginger beer History tells us he never operated in Perth so either its a mistake by the potter or he intended to move. In 1900 sold his plant to Seebeck who moved it to Perth

William Hynes. Cue. Murchison Operated in town from 1894 - 1899 His plant was bought by Seebeck & transfered to perth in 1900

T Harry Marshall. Cue & Mt Magnet. Murchison W A T Harry had an agency in Mt Magnet which is only 80 kms from Cue & a bottle to celebrate