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Aerated Water Manufacturers
Of the Mid West Region
(Geraldton & Surrounds)

The Mid West (Geraldton and surrounding)

Martin Hosken - Geraldton. One of the oldest bottles in WA 1876. Hoskens ran the Geraldton Hotel until his death in 1881. His manager William Jose brought the y and carried on with his own bottles. The Factory was over the road from the Gerladton Hotel. There are two verisons, one a blue-ish, has a 4 on the back, while the greener one has a 6 embossed on it.

Chapman & Jose Geraldton. William Jose continued to run the Trefusis factory until after 1900 when he became ill. He went into partnership with L J Chapman and began trading as Chapman & Jose.

Dark amber codd this bottle is only embossed with the makers mark - Dan Rylands 4 Barnsley Geraldton diggers & collectors will tell you they are dug with Joses "bombs' and generally regarded as belonging to to him. he didn't like codds so perhaps this lot were a trial, which makes these very rare.

J T Shepheard. Geraldton. The only Ginger beer from the Star factory Hard to find as is the small codd Poor transfer on G B which is common with Bendigo pottery

S Waltho & Son King size crown seal from 1920s The last of Waltho who sold in 1932 & headed for Midland Junction
S Waltho & Son. Geraldton. 2 Rated G B s. Waltho purchased Shepheards business in 1922 & continued the Star works factory Note the quality of transfer on the small 

L J Chapman Aerated Waters. Geraldton After Jose had left Gn Chapman did a trial run with his own name on a codd , didnt work so returned to Chapman & Jose They also did another blue bomb ,embossed with Chapman & Jose This one is as rare as any

Mc K Grant - Newmarracarra. Champion Bay. Ultra rare Bottle from Champion Bay (Geraldton). The hybrid on the left of this photo is the only known complete example. Marble bottle in photo has been repaired (top on) but is also the only one known!


Yoxall Geraldton. G B C L Crocker. Geraldton crown seal Sam Yoxall had a factory in Mullewa from 1928 & purchased or leased Waltho,s Star works in Lester Ave in 1932 He employed Carl L Crocker to manage it in partnership. Yoxall withdrew from agreement in 1934 with Crocker to continue , hence the crown seal 

Red Bow. Three Springs this is our claim to fame in the bottle world Operated 1947_1974 Arthur Dargin came from N S W from the Blue Bow works & as T S colours were Red & Black we should have a Red Bow

Chapman & Jose. Ginger Beer Geraldton The brewed on the left is the rarest of the C & J ginger beers Champagne on right a bit easier to get. Story in Geraldton about chap who found some brewed ones , only to let 2 fall off his bike on the way home

  J T Shepheard. Geraldton.  The bottle on right is the standard one ;hard to get Left, has (and coy ) written under Shepheard ,one of 2 known We call this the double-gee star

Trefusis factorys aerated waters Geraldton. A variation without Chapman & Jose on it Hard to get but not rare They shifted the factory twice but name Trefusis was constant This factory continued for almost a century to close in 1974

J T Shepheard & Co The most common bottle from the Star Works but occasionally a blue marble (only 5 or 6 known) so always check the marble as often the bottle is covered with white  scale and you might miss it!

Joses Geraldton - William Joses purchased the Trefusis aerated water factory after Hoskens death in 1881. He used marble bottles as he was the manager for Martin Hoskens but used "round enders" (Hamiltons) in his business. The large Blue is the hardested to find in the fat boy verison but these blues are generally not rare.


Joses & Chapman & Jose soda syphons Left This one is old ,damaged but only know of one other Right A few of these about , a crate full was found at the factory. These syphons are hard to photograph so i smeared some white powder on the etching to make it stand out

Shepheard & Co. Geraldton The last of my Shepheard collection The small is a stock standard but the shatter glass is one of 2 i know of. Damaged as is the other one Mrs Shepheard sold the Star factory in 1922 after son Len decided he wanted to go into hotel business

This is all that we have from Greenough Paul Repaired Maley & Son codd Maley is Steven Maley who owned the floor mill & involved with convict bridge Son is Frederick Maley Steven had 8 sons but only one was ever in partnership Frederick was a brewer in Geraldton & Murchison at Lawlers & involved in farming at Arrino with son Claude

Chapman & Jose. Trefusis Factory. Geraldton These  bottles were used extensively as they are quite common. The Niagara patent ones on the left a little bit harder to find . A few  minor variations of Melbourne & Adelaide Works on right

Walter Forman. Geraldton Had factory in Lester Ave In G N & in partnership with G Bone in Day Dawn in Murchison 

Shepheard & Co. Used hamiltons till the end in 1922 Blue one is common but clear less than 10