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Aerated Water Manufacturers
Great Southern Region
(Katanning Albany)

Great Southern  (Katanning, Albany)

F & C Piesse Katanning These are some of there early codds branded Rylands Ld ,pre 1900 

F & C Piesse Katanning G S R Etched hybrid.

This is the only one known. The hybrid is the same rare Niagara embossed example

Piesses Stone Ginger Beer 

These are common with a few variations on bottle style - Please note although related, this ginger beer was commonly used in Perth metro.

E N McAllindon. Greenbushes Younger of 2 brothers who had aerated waters in the area Began soon after 1900 Bottles are rare

H E Lambert Crown Factory Pingelly It appears he ran the Pingelly business with brother Percy in control of Beverley There are later Ginger Beers from Albany with "P" on them. H E's wife was daughter of Albany brewer Meyers He teamed up with brother-in-law to build a factory in Albany

N Bushalla Narrogin A few variations exist

Beigels Bottling Works. Wagin. A few variations of these designs exist from this southern town Beigel was based in Bunbury, began in 1906

F & C Piesse Williams River W A Know of only 1 other of these which is repaired. 

Piesse bros had a portable store & followed development south until they got to Katanning where they decided to settle.

F & C Piesse Wheat Silos - Katanning 1917

F & C Piesse Katanning. G S R hybrid. One of their first bottles after settling in Katanning This is only complete , embossed example known.

E N McAlinden ( Greenbushes ) A nice F B H variation with name spelt correctly

Freemasons Hotel. Bridgetown Not sure if it is still in business. Very rare , has a small amount damage at the top ,has a strange ring at top as if its been turned in the mould

H E Lambert. Pingelly Beverley. Built his Crown factory in Pingelly in 1906 & settled there. Same year built another factory in Beverley next to his brothers grocery store

N & E Bushalla Narrogin Husband & Wife E is harder to find

F & C Piesse Katanning  There are 3 sizes in this design. This one is the medium 225 mm version

F & C Piesse Katanning - All codds from this town are hard to find.  A purple one is extremely rare

F P McAllinden Bridgetown Name spelt incorrectly. Older brother of E N in Greenbushes by 10 years Sons of Irish immigrants.


Above - Freemasons Hotel Bridgetown -  built in 1904.

Hordern Hotel Narrogin. Another rare hotel bottle with the hotel still continuing today - see photo below from 1972. Narrogin was a prominent railway town

ABove - Skating Rink by N Bushalla - Syrian-born Nicholas Bushalla, the proprietor of the Duke of York Hotel, built a house for himself about 1900 on the north side of Egerton St, not far up from the hotel (which was on the corner of Egerton and Federal Sts). He then built a concrete-floored skating rink, also in Egerton St, just west of his house.

A couple for Hayden J Gubgub Oasis brand. 

(Collie ) Some large have good embossing but this one is weak, not polished.