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Sporting Collectables

Sports collectables and memorabilia exists for all sporting codes such as cricket, AFL, rugby union, rugby league, motor sports, horse racing, tennis, Olympics, soccer. Collectors may collect wither vintage or modern memorabilia.

Collectors must beware of reprints or reproductions of original items.  Antique advertising for many sports could consist of  newspaper adverts, annual catalogues, brochures, introductory flyers, books, trophies, pamphlets, photos, price lists, hangtags, instruction folders, calendars, posters, banners, prints, stickers, signs, pinbacks, watch fobs, envelopes, trade cards, signed merchandise, and sporting instruments.

Western Australia has produced a wide range of sporting collectables from the numerous football and cricket associations, as well as some of the less represented codes of sport. These can range from cigarette and confectionary trade cards, as well as club ephemera and publications.