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Perth Glass Works

If you are looking for a uniquely Western Australia bottle………...these bottles are as “West Aussie” as you can get. Unusually crude for their age and uniquely colourful by their manufacture, they are known throughout Australia for their popularity with collectors. Except for a couple of very rare varieties, they are generally quite easy to find due to their extensive use throughout the state.

The Perth Glass Works was established by Don Curtis in 1910 in Leederville. The site now sits under the Mitchell Freeway between the Leederville and Glendalough Railway Stations. Possibly due to the lack of the correct high silica sand required for glass making close to site, the glass works used recycled glass for much of its manufacturing processes which it was known to have been railed in from as far away as the goldfields. It was this process that was responsible for the vast array of colour shades in these bottles and along with their crude manufacture gave them the appearance they were much older than they were. The big age for Perth Glass was the 1920’s where they were producing bottles for various aerated water manufacturers, bottle exchanges, dairies etc along with their own bottles, marked with the familiar horseshoe trade mark for locally made beers, pickles, chutneys, stouts, vinegars, turpentine, phenyl etc etc. In the late 1920's Perth Glass Works was taken over by the Australian Glass Manufacturers (AGM) now ACI and the factory revamped with new manufacturing machinery and so came the end of the unique Perth Glass Works bottle, to be replaced by a modern looking machine made brown glass version.