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Metal ware stamped by WA Manufacturers

Western Australia had an early metal ware industry which produced metal ware for primarily domestic use as the gold rush of the 1890’s created a huge demand for infrastructure. Some manufacturers marked their items with badges or incised or embossed markings on their products.

Producers used a whole variety of non-precious metals, including copper, brass, iron, bronze, steel, nickel, zinc and lead, which have played a vital part in in every aspect of daily life.  Surviving artefacts from different historical periods are a source of informative, fascinating and often surprising insights into the everyday lives of our forebears.

There were a number of tinsmiths and metalware producers from W.A. who had metal discs, embossing or some form of identifying mark put on their wares. These are all quite collectable as they typically were small volume producers who may not have been in business for any length of time.