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Lamont Bottles

Lamont’s patent was invented by John Lamont in the later part of the 19th century, predominately as an alternative to the Codd bottle. Also having an internal sealing method, the Lamont incorporated a Bakelite type “bullet stopper” within the bottle, which had the rubber sealing ring recessed into its base. Unlike the Codd, when opened its stopper (the bullet) was not retained within the neck to aid pouring, but sank to the bottom of the bottle. An advantage over the Codd, was that the bullet did not need to be added into the bottle during the manufacturing process, like the marble inside a Codd bottle which was permanently retained within the neck. This allowed the bullet stopper to be removed by the aerated water maker, with a special tool and replaced if need be. 

The Lamont was still a high maintenance bottle however and like the Codd, needed to have the rubber sealing rings replaced periodically. Many aerated water manufacturers in W.A. used the Lamont within their works and they were very popular, one of the most well known being Crowder & Letchford. The decline of the Lamont was much sooner than that of the Codd bottle however, and by around 1910 there were almost no factories still filling them.