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Hybrid Marble/Torpedo Bottle

According to website, the hybrid bottle is one of the oddities in the bottle world.

The hamilton bottle was round bottomed, so that the bottle could be placed on its side to keep the cork wet. The Codd bottle has a glass ball pressing against a rubber seal, and is stored upright. The marble/torpedo hybrid is a mixture of the two.

Russell Harrison in his book “Minerals Waters & Closures”, describes more than 100 patents and pictures more than 280 bottles all of which are vastly different to the standard Codd bottle which one is likely to come across. The website has an excellent set of descriptions and photos of key different types of hybrids.

According to researchers into the development of the aerated water industry, the Codd Hamilton Hybrid bottle was invented in order to convince mineral water manufacturers to opt for the newly invented glass stoppered bottle. Codd devised a way of incorporating his new invention into already established bottle shapes and this enabled mineral water companies to use existing filling machines with his new type bottles.

There are a small number of codd hybrids found in Western Australia, and each are scarce, valuable and desirable bottles to collect. They date from the 1880’s era.