Bottle And Collectables Club of WA 

Bottles and Collectables of WA
PO Box 47, Inglewood WA 6932

Club Events

Our club has a great social vibe with the committee always planning something!

Our club calendar will give you a list of all these events. We also hold two auctions a year, which is the highlight of our calendar and a great chance for all members to get together, enjoy a social day, and pick up a few goodies. See our Club Auction page for more information.

Throughout the year we also have social day lunches such as our trip to Woodbridge House, Jesse Martin's in Williams and in March 2018 we are planning a show trip to Kalgoorlie to display and have some social events for our members. This is a great time for us to relax and enjoy some of our beautiful heritage sites and of course collecting!

Our "Goldfields trip" which has also been popular for those of us who love to get out of the city and enjoy some WA country history.