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Archived Auctions

Ginger Beer
Polar Bear Pyro Label

Rare Beagle Bay Mission "Icy Drink Glass" pictorial Trademark - Blue & Yellow Pyro Label 26 oz
Lot 299 Sold - $1500

BACWA Catalogue
BACWA October Auction

Very Rare 8 oz  CLUB "Serve Ice Cold" WAGIN AERATED WATERS (In green and white Pyro)

Lot 344 Sold for $1200 in our October 2018 Auction


Rare - Possibly never seen before square sided red pyro milk with advert for Clarksons Dulux
Lot 416 SOLD for $680 in our October 2019 Auction


Lot 359
Rare Surface found 
Locomotive Aerated Waters
Trademark, Midland Junction

Sold for $4600 at our Nov 2020 Auction

This "archived auctions" page was created to assist you with the historical sale of items that we have auctioned. It can be a valuable way to see what your item may fetch at one of our specialist auctions. We hold auctions generally twice a year in April/May and Sept/Oct and this is not only a great social day for members and public alike, it gives everyone a fair go at purchasing the elusive item for their collection! Contact us if you would like more information  

Rosella Narrogin Marble Bottle

Large Dobson Rosella Aerated Waters, G York, Northam "Rosella Brand" Trademark - very rare WA Codd in lovely condition!

Surface found - with only noticeable feature a small bust bubble right hand side of pinch.

Lot 350 - sold for $4800 at our May Auction.

Albany marble bottle

Small Niagara Lambert & Meyers Albany "Crossed Flags-Imperial" trademark (Don makers in a lovely deep aqua colour)

This is an extremely rare bottle in this small size, with only one other known to us in collections. 

Excavated during house renovations by the property owner in Albany. A Stunning bottle and the highlight of this auction!

Lot 359 - sold for $5100 at our October Auction.

ORoya Place marble bottle

Extremely rare hotel codd from the tiny Murchison town of Sandstone - J. McMANAWAY, OROYA PALACE HOTEL, SANDSTONE (Less than 5 of these are known to exist in collections around Australia) This is one of the best examples club members have seen. It has a slight bend at the codd pinch seen from the side - this is in manufacture and NOT heat damage. Dug in Sandstone in the early 1980's by a prospector from a very shallow layer.

Lot 361 SOLD FOR $9100 at our February Auction


E. G. FOWLER &  SONS, Leonora WA with large "Swan" t/m - This is a very rare and desirable bottle from the small Eastern Goldfields town of Leonora and only around the 6th or 7th example known to WA Collectors 

Lot 400 SOLD FOR  $5700 at our
October 2018 Auction

Scare WEAVER & LOCK, South Perth "W&L" t/m - lovely bottle in excellent as dug condition 

Lot 363 Sold for $1200 in our October 2018 Auction


Express Dairy Perth in PGW Amber Glass - Only Complete known example

Lot 408 SOLD for $5000 in our October 2019 Auction

Rare ALF ELLIS AERATED WATERS AE trademark (Mt Malcolm, Niagara, Menzies

Lot 383 SOLD for $2100 in our October 2019 Auction

Lot 430 Enamel Early Rolled SHELL OILS SOLD HERE sign

Sold for $2800 at our March 2020 Auction.

Lot 405 
Scarce E Bushalla Narrogin Ginger Beer

SOLD for $1450 at our March 2020 Auction


Lot 354
Rare Twin Bottle Swan Brewery Advertising Mirror in original frame 

Sold for $3000 in this Nov 2020 Auction


Lot 282
Rare 10 oz
BCD Quality Drinks Blue & White transfer on a clear glass 

Sold for $3200 at our Nov 2020 Auction