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Aerated Water Manufacturers

All photos and information kindly supplied by Roy Mutter

Aerated Water Manufacturers of Western Australia

Mackays Aerated Waters

Regional WA had rapid increases in population of small country towns due to the increase for farm land released and of course our goldfields when that yellow stuff was discovered. With this came the need for water and often unless processed the water carried all sorts of nasty's. Thus the raise in most towns of a local aerated water manufacturer - who was often also the publican. 

Literary thousands of aerated water manufacturers around W.A. and the world employed Codd’s bottles in their bottling works and ordered large numbers of them to be made, with their own company names and logos from glass makers around the world. Because theft of bottles from rival companies was common, bottles began to be produced with coloured lips and with coloured marbles and even in totally blue and amber glass to make them more distinguishable, although most of these examples are very rare. There was a major problem with Codd’s bottles. 

Children liked marbles! The breaking of bottles for the marbles was a practice that added to the cost of an already expensive bottle and required a high return deposit to be placed on them to encourage children to return the bottles and not break them for the marble.

Discover just how many cool drink makers there were and the variety of bottles by clicking the regions below.  From Albany right up into our North... they are an important part of our social history story.