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Bottles and Collectables of WA
PO Box 47, Inglewood WA 6932

About Us - Bottles and Collectables of WA Club

The Bottles and Collectables Western Australia club (BACWA)  is a Club created by some of the most recognized antique bottle and associated antique collectors in Western Australia. "BACWA" is a professionally run and governed Club which has as a core aim to offer collectors a safe, informative, friendly meeting experience from which to share knowledge, experience and information about the items they collect.

Bottles and Collectable of WA club or BACWA as it is often known, meets on the third calendar Tuesday of every month starting at 7pm, at the Belmont RSL Hall, on the corner of Leake St and Great Eastern Highway, Belmont, and each meeting runs to a set agenda of activities. Refer to our home page for a list of categories for our show and tell.

Bottles and Collectables club educates its members in the social history of the bottles and collectables found and retained by its members, and assists in the identification, understanding and valuing of these fascinating relics from our past. Bottles we collect include Marble Bottles, Lamonts, Ginger beer, Perth Glass Works,  Cordials, Pickle Oil & Vinegars, Milk Bottles, Hybrid Marble bottles & Hamilton patents, ceramic label, cool drink bottles - especially WA. Collectables we are interested in are Metal Advertising Signs, Wembley Ware & Calyx pottery, Darbyshire pottery, Brewery Advertising, dog registration tags, cart plates, and car number plates. 

We work to be recognized as a lawful and respectable Club which works in collaboration with each other and other legitimate Clubs and Associations who share common aims and objectives around antique collectables.

Each meeting incorporates an entertaining mix of friendly competition of items found and bought by members, highlights certain categories of bottles and collectables for members to bring in, and provides information to raise awareness of trends, issues and activities within the hobby. 

We run a regular auctions comprising a professional catalogue and containing valuable bottles and collectables, and the auction is fully conducted under a valid Auctioneers licence issued in Western Australia. Check out our Calandar of events page for updated information on up and coming club events.

Bottles and Collectables of WA Club is a private membership based body, which facilitates a friendly gathering of motivated collectors . We run social activities such as meetings at member’s homes, public shows, and social events such as an annual Christmas party.

We are governed by a  club member nominated committee who oversee the governance of BACWA and the organisation of monthly meetings and other organised events and activities.

club meeting at RSL Belmont
Collectable items
Cub meetings at RSL Belmont